5 Finest Resources to Write Winning Research Papers!

Research Paper! An Assignment That Cause Students To Get Anxious And Depressed!

But wait! Running out from your problems is not a solution. Instead you have to face them with intelligence for an ease in your academic life. This blog will provide you tools to fight back your complex assignment, with a winning Result!

Usage of Trustworthy Resources

Internet is a sea of information, where you get all the information that may or may not be valid with respect to your requirements. Research papers need information that is 100% valid as you have to base your arguments according to that information.

Resources to Avoid

About.com is a very useful website with various resources on different topics. You can easily search for tips on decoration, makeup, best cars, cell phones and other useful stuff.  But this information can be posted by any individual who may not be specialized in that writing. Therefore, it may not be suitable for your valid research paper.

Wikipedia is a cool website featuring tons of information. But again, this information can be posted by anyone. You may come across information that is not valid. For instance, Wikipedia once listed David Beckham as an 18th century Chinese goalkeeper. For a research paper, you need highly authentic information on which you can base your arguments.

Dictionary sometimes you need to write easy explanation for difficult terms in your research. Dictionary should be avoided as it won’t be considered as a learnt source and may not be acceptable by your professor.

5 Finest Resources to Use

Library is the best choice for gathering academic writing help. You can find tons of academic books, journals, and scholarly sources to find useful context for your research paper.

Google Scholar is slightly different from Google search engine. On searching, it provides the result with list of journal articles, .pdfs, and websites that is more authentic for your research paper.
In easy words, it will provide you information that you can truly use to write your paper.

RefSeek is a sort of search engine specially designed for students and researchers. It exactly searches for documents and concerned scholarly websites for your searches, to ease your information hunt for paper.

IPL2 (Internet Public Library) is a valuable resource that allows you to search information according to your subject. It links to credible websites like .gov or .org that showcase straightforward facts and figures. They also offer a convenient “Ask an ipl2 Librarian” service. Through it you can directly ask for help from their support person to guide you regarding your research information. It’s an ideal place, if you need help in urgency.

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